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New Arrivals 2020

Brand: Good Day Foods Model: MYSNA001
Home Made Kai MurukkuIngredients:Rice FlourGram Flour with Sesame SeedsJeera SeedsOmam..
Model: MYSID008
Ponnatharam - For Removal of Facial HairDisclaimer: The Siddha medicines are manufactured with compliance with all mandatory regulations of the Ministry of Ayurvedic and Siddha. Products are produced with extra care and concern.  Anyhow You are requested to consult your physician before consump..
Model: MASIR-001
Black Blue Dupion Silk - Handloom Semi Silk..
Brand: Good Day Foods Model: MYSNA002
Home Made Thattai Adai / MurukkuIngredients:Rice FlourGram Flour with Sesame SeedsJeera SeedsOmam..
Brand: Shri Ganesha Creations Model: MAMIN-001
Kids Miniature Brass Cooking Set is a Traditional play toys for kids. The wooden cooking utensils are made up of brass with fine finished edges. Give your kids the best real kitchen play set made of brass. Ideal material for miniature cooking and pretend play games. Bring back the old..
Model: MYSID007
Thirikadugu Choornam திரிகடுகம் சூரணம்.Thirikadugu / Thirikadugam / Trikatu churna is an ancient Tamil Siddha herbal drug made in a perfect blend by Siddhars with the combination of Sukku, Milagu and Tippili. It is an effective antioxidant, combats the free radicals released by the body hence termin..
Model: MYSID006
Kabasura Kudineer - கபசுர குடிநீர் - Helps to treat issues related to Kabam in our body. It was also a natural immunity booster.Ingredients: Dry Ginger, Nilavembu, Long Pepper, Myrobalan, Bharangi, Clove, Costus, Patha, Guduchi, Akarkara, Neermulli, Adhatoda, Karpuravalli, Nut grass, and C..
Model: MYSID005
Vetiver, also known as Khus in Ayurveda, is a tall perennial aromatic grass that makes its refreshing presence felt as one of the many pleasures of Summer in India. Vetiver has both its refreshing and soothing properties of relieving all exertion and stress and is therefore a great pitta pacify..
Model: MYSID004
Kasturi Manjal / Turmeric is dried and powdered used for external application to the skin. It makes a wonderful skin rejuvenative for skin whitening when used in fresh or raw form in face pack. It is a Natural antiseptic , also recommended for acne ,natural cleanser and helps in skin lighting.Kastur..
Model: MYSID003
Almond gum or badam pisin is the natural gum obtained from the sweet almond tree. Is is a natural coolant and has jelly like properties that gives good texture and taste to your drink. Badam Pisin is a natural body coolant which helps in reducing the body heat. Badam Pisin along with milk & suga..
Model: MYSID001
Triphala churna is a blend of organic herbs - Triphala contains Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis), black myrobalan (Terminalia chebula), and belleric myrobalan (Terminalia belerica) which are synergistically processed with highly advanced technology. Triphala is a highly nutritious herb t..
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