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Tanjore Paintings Information & FAQ

Is there Quick Shipping Available?

Yes, we always have collection of paintings in our gallery, if you need you can mail or contact in this number, 9597999274. For those paintings we will ship immediately. 

Flat Paintings Duration of Work:

 10 in x 8 in - Takes 6 Days to Ship
 12 in x 10 in - Takes 6 Days to Ship
 15 in x 12 in - Takes 6 Days to Ship
 18 in x 14 in - Takes 8 Days to Ship
 20 in x 16 in - Takes 8 Days to Ship
 24 in x 18 in - Takes 8 Days to Ship
 30 in x 24 in - Takes 10 Days to Ship
 36 in x 24 in - Takes 12 Days to Ship
 48 in x 36 in - Takes 15 Days to Ship

Super Emboss Painting - Time Delay

There may be time delay for Super Emboss Painting in Rainy Days. Since Super emboss painting needs time to get dry.


We offer mainly 3 types of frame, Classic Frame, Mani Frame and Chettinad Frame. 

For international Shipping alone we won't handle Chettinad Frame, since it may get damaged easily. 

Note: There may be a inch difference sometimes due to availability of frame. If you need very exact size please inform us.

Customization - We do take customized order for Tanjore Paintings, Mural Paintings and Wooden Statues - For Details - Call us / Whatsapp us @ +91-9597999274