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Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ032
Good Manner & Etiquette Self improvement series - They are acquried through constant practice. They are inculcated from childhood and become second nature to use by the time we grow up. Can the ability to get long smoothly with others in the social getup be learnt or is it a trait you were born ..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ023
Decision MakingYou'll definitely agree with me when I say we make hundreds of decision everyday and every decision that we make in our life plays a crucial role, isn't it? From the simplest of decision as deciding which brand of toothpaste you want to buy to a very complex ones as deciding whether..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ021
Communication SkillsSelf improvement series - Regardless of where you are in - a large corporation, your home, social gatherings or at the university, effective communication skills are essential for success. Acquiring great communication skills helps in speaking out your thoughts to others. This ..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ020
Cindrella - EnglishIt is a story about one pretty little girl who lived in a kingdom farway. When she was six years old her mother died and her father married a widow who already had two daughters. Unfortunately, her stepmother was a wicked woman and her two daughter did not like the pretty little..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ126
Bedtime stories Eng/TamilA set of values handed down through generations in the shape of wonderful bedtime fables. Stories that delight the heart and enrich the soul.Age Group: 2 - 4, 4 - 6 Language: Tamil Product Type: CD Format:VCD..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ124
Akbar and Birbal Eng/Tamil 10 Animated Stories The stories of Bribal's wit and intelligence in the court of King Akbar. These intresting stories are brought to life through coloyrful visiuals, animation and clear narration.Age Group: 2 - 4, 4 - 6 Language: Tamil Product Type: CD Format: VCD..
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