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Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ101
World's Greatest Inventions Greatesst Inventions that change our world-This CD contains fifty five of the world's most popular and vital inventions that changed the way we live. This is presented in an easy to understandable animated style with color full illustrations with voice over. This CD is su..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ098
Vegetable RhymesMost Entertaining Vegetables Rhymes - These vegetables rhymes are exclusively created and animated for providing knowledge to the children about the benefits of eating vegetables in a very playful manner. Every rhyme is unique in itself with funny and colorful characters jumping ar..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ096
Team BuildingEffective Strategies For Creating And Nurturing A Team - This CD-ROM presents effective strategies for creating and  nurturing a team that performs optimally when working as a cohesive group with a common goal. Among other skills learn how  to  teach team members to tru..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ112
Tamil Preschool17 ANIMATED CHAPTER- This funfilled Interactive VCD contains 17 different animated chapter's that will provide the essential knowledge for the Pre-School Children.Age Group: 1 - 2, 2 - 4 Language: Tamil Product Type: CD Format:VCD..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ125
Tales of Tenali Raman Eng/tamil10 Animated Stories- The stories of Raman's wit and intelligence in the court of King Krishnadevaraya. These interesting stories are brought to life through colourful visuals, animation and clear narration.Age Group: 2 - 4, 4 - 6 Language: Tamil Product Type: CD Fo..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ095
Tales of Mullah Eng/Hindi Tales of mullah, the name is universally remember and appreciated for thousands of humurous and thoughful stories. All his stories has joke, the moral- and the littleextra which bring the consciousness of the potental mystic a little further on the way to relization.Age G..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ122
Shri Ganesh-Eng/Tamil The spectacular tales of elephant-headed god depicted in magnificently animated version. This CD covers some of the most imporant tales of "Lord Ganesh" , the son of Parvati from his "Birth" to how he got his elephant head and how "Ganesh lose a tusk" while inscribing the world..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ092
Spoken EnglishThis CD Contains more than sixty different real life illustrated scenario's that will help to enhance your communication skills and vocabulary in short span.Age Group: 14 and above Language: English Product Type: CD Format:VCD..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ089
Shri Krishna- Eng/Hindi"Shri Krishna The prince of Brindavan" a story about wonderful Young Krishna who always had a way of sneaking in and stealing freshly made butter for himself and also to feed the monkeys, no matter what the woman did to prevent it. The young Krishna had a rival called "Kamsa..
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