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Personality Development

Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ010
Attitude for successPOSITIVE ATTITUDE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS - "Attitude for Success" Here in this Attitude for success CD-ROM, you can absorb the  lesson  into your life and Voila! You are a changed personナ.. For  the  better.Age Group: 14 and above Language: English Product ..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ021
Communication SkillsSelf improvement series - Regardless of where you are in - a large corporation, your home, social gatherings or at the university, effective communication skills are essential for success. Acquiring great communication skills helps in speaking out your thoughts to others. This ..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ023
Decision MakingYou'll definitely agree with me when I say we make hundreds of decision everyday and every decision that we make in our life plays a crucial role, isn't it? From the simplest of decision as deciding which brand of toothpaste you want to buy to a very complex ones as deciding whether..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ031
Good habits Best way to impart good habits in your child-this CD-ROM is developed wih a sheer objective of imparting good habits in every child. The content in this CD-ROM is a presented in a way of colorful animation. Eye catching graphics and clear narration so that children could easily register ..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ032
Good Manner & Etiquette Self improvement series - They are acquried through constant practice. They are inculcated from childhood and become second nature to use by the time we grow up. Can the ability to get long smoothly with others in the social getup be learnt or is it a trait you were born ..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ059
Manage stressSELF IMPROVEMENTS SERIES - Here, in this Manage stress CD-ROM, we'll learn to identify stress, under its causes, find  solutions to avoid stress, and so much moreナAge Group: 14 and above Language: English Product Type: CD Format:VCD..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ060
Manage timeSELF IMPROVEMENTS SERIES - Here, in this Manage Time CD-ROM we'll learn to Manage our activities our priorities our Schedules.Age Group: 14 and above Language: English Product Type: CD Format:VCD..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ066
Motivating skillsSELF IMPROVEMENTS SERIES - Here is in this Motivating skills CD-ROM, we'll learn to analyse motivation, build motivation constantly, detect demotivated staffs and deal with them, and some more.Age Group: 14 and above Language: English Product Type: CD Format:VCD..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ067
Negotiating SkillsLearn How To Improve Your Negotiating Skills - With the help of this CD-ROM, you"ll Learn how to develop your negotiating Skills with a few techniques, how to use communication and listening skills to get that deal, how to plan your negotiation Strategy,  implement them, and..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ073
Personality development SELF IMPROVEMENTS SERIES - it is the technique used to increase the ability to influence others in personal contact, as well as techniques of persuasion and the use of personal magnetism. There are many ways in which personality developmennt is understood and many concepts th..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ079
Presentation & Public SpeakingBecome An Effective Presenter – Every  thing we say and do communicates meaning to others. A good presentation makes a  significant difference in communication. Even if no earth-shattering change may happen, your department or business unit  may mak..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ096
Team BuildingEffective Strategies For Creating And Nurturing A Team - This CD-ROM presents effective strategies for creating and  nurturing a team that performs optimally when working as a cohesive group with a common goal. Among other skills learn how  to  teach team members to tru..
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