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Science & Education

Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ001
101 Science Experiments101 easy to do Science Experiment-This CD-rom is the right example of total transformation on education. It can never get easier for any youngster to understand and carry out science experiment better. Every experiment is shown in details with the help of animation and backg..
Brand: Infobells Model: MABZ016
Body languageMASTER THE ART OF NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION - More human communication takes place by the use of gesture, posture, position and distance than by any other method. The acquisition of skills and knowledge in interpreting non-verbal communication improve our relationships a..
Brand: Infobells Model: MABZ022
Countries and Flags The content in this DVD helps you to learn about the continents, Oceans, countries of the world with their capital, Languages & the currency used easily. This fun DVD helps kids to identify most of the world flags & also helps them learn and pronounce the n..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ027
Famous Personalities Best reference on Famous Personalities- This CD contains the best reference of some of the most eminent personalities of the world. The information is taken after an extensive research form different sources to get you the complete history which includes their achievement..
Brand: Infobells Model: MABZ033
Grammar for Kids Made EasyThis animated DVD teaches about the basics of grammar in detail and enables you to understand how sentences are constructed and how to construct your own sentence, in a more interesting way.Language: English Format: DVD Age: 4 - 6, 7 - 8..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ037
History of IndiaComplete History from Ancient to Morden India-This CD-ROM essentially contains detailed history about Ancient India, The medieval India, Emperors & kingdoms, British India, freedom movement and freedom Fighters, Morden India political & economic imporvements and much more..
Brand: Buzzers Model: MABZ040
Human body BEST Reference CD-ROM to understand Human body & Body system-The entire material or physical structure of a human begin is called the human body. In reference to the living thing, a body is the integral physical material of an individual. The human body consists of head, neck, trunk, ..
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